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Caregiver Responsibilities

Below are a variety of reasons why you might need caregiver assistance

Living Safely at Home

You are not alone in wanting to remain in your home – and to live as independently as possible. But your doctor or your family believes it is not safe for you to continue living at home. An Elect Home Care caregiver can provide assistance to you for as few as 4 hours a day, on up to 24 hours if needed. We can always increase or decrease your service depending on your needs.


Assist Home Health or Hospice Services

Under certain condition, you may qualify for home health care or hospice services, which Medicare will pay for. Although these services are wonderful, they are unfortunately limited in that you receive short (up to one hour) scheduled visits typically only a few times a week. Elect Home Care can provide a caregiver to make sure you receive your scheduled visits from home health or hospice. Our caregivers can assist with meal preparation, laundry services or in necessary incontinence care when the home health or hospice aides have departed for the day.


Surgery Recovery

The older we get, the more difficult it can be to recover from surgical procedures. Whether its hip or knee replacement, coronary bypass surgery, or removal of cataracts, healing after surgery can be a painful, difficult ordeal. It may be a challenge to recover at home without help. A caregiver from Elect Home Care can be there for you to assist with that recovery even if it’s only for one night, one weekend, or one week. We will even let you stop and restart service, or work around the schedules of family caregivers to get you the care you need.



Care-giving is the most difficult job there is. It’s also perfectly natural – not to mention healthy – for you to take a break from care-giving. A caregiver from Elect Home Care can stay with your loved one for a weekend or a week so that you can get away for that wedding, school reunion or business trip you need to take. In the meantime we will provide exceptional care of your loved one by providing a professional, courteous caregiver from Elect Home Care.



As a family caregiver who works during the week, it is not uncommon to have to take time off from work. Your loved one who depends on you has a variety of appointments every week, ranging from the very important doctor’s appointment or trip to the beauty parlor, to the more routine post office or grocery store visit. Elect Home Care has licensed and insured caregivers who can drive a car – either yours or their own. Our caregivers can not only provide safe transportation to the market or physical therapist, we can also provide a kind and caring companion for the day’s excursion.

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